Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day of 27.

Your favorite place...

Well I have a lot of places that I really like to be.
But I think the one place that I go to the most is my bedroom.
I've never ever had my own room until about a yearish or two ago.
It is the first place that has ever been just mine.
And I like it.
When I need to be alone I can just go inside my room.
No one can bug me and if I can spend like ten minutes in there when I'm angry or anything then I can calm down and be fine.
So it's nice.
And if you're wondering...this is what it contains:

My closets.Yes. Plural. 
This one contains all shirts, pants, tights, scarfs and boots.

 This one has all of my jackets/sweaters, dresses, skirts, and the rest of my shoes.

This is what one side looks like closed.

This is my desk/record player/James Dean.

My vanity. 

My wall of photos. 

The wardrobe. 

Jewelry holder and mirror.

My purse rack. And posters of Prince of Persia, The Mad Hatter, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

The place where I sleep maybe once or twice a week.

My favorite part: the door. It took kind of forever. And no. It does not spell anything. Except it does say "jenna" once. But that is all. The rest of it is just random letters.(it looks cooler in real life.)

Welcome to my favorite place. AKA my bedroom.


Jessica said...

I love your room.

GenJen said...

I kinda really like your room.
I want to see your multiple closets.
I need 10 closets.
I'm jealous you have more than one!

Jes Abram said...

correction: my vanity :P
And you've only had your own room for less than a year.