Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look straight through me and into my soul.

So I've been thinking.
And while I've been thinking,
I've come to the realization of something.
People are people.
There aren't good and bad people.
Just people.
People make choices that can either be good or bad. 
But you can not define a person by that.
Because people can change and if they make a bad choice, they can turn around and make a good choice. 
But neither of those choices made them good or bad. 
It just made them more of themselves.
We're just a bunch of decisions. 
You can't judge someone on their choices.
Only on their heart. 
Which you can't see.
So I guess we don't really have a right to judge anyone.
Unless you have x-ray vision and can see straight through someone's heart and understand why they made a choice, in that case, feel free to judge us all.

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